Cortez Blue Photography– Presentations

Underwater Photographer Philip Bonds produces photographs inspired by the ocean, one of the most beautiful and dynamic environments on the planet.

If you read the biography information on this website, you will probably remember that a school assembly presentation set Philip on course to become an underwater photographer. Experiences as a teacher and school administrator solidified his belief in the importance of providing students and adults with positive educational experiences involving marine life and marine ecosystems. The reality here is simply that people will protect the things they love, but they cannot develop a love for things they do not know about.

Philip is available to do presentations for school and community groups. Should you be interested in booking a presentation, please contact him via e-mail or telephone to discuss your thoughts and needs regarding presentation content. It is imperative that presentations for school groups be designed to address state-mandated content standards and reinforce teacher-designed learning objectives.

Rates for presentations are reasonable and negotiable. Essentially, a rate will be negotiated to reflect coverage of Philip’s time and travel expenses.

Contact Information:

Phone: (970) 531-8817


Presentations: Scheduled Dates & Locations

October 29, 2019

Casa Grande Elementary School District, Casa Grande, Arizona

February 28, 2020

Palm Springs Unified School District, Palm Springs, California

March 11, 2020

72 Aquatics Travel Night, Tucson, Arizona

March 14, 2020

Why Not Store, Why, Arizona

March 28, 2020

Postponed in Response to COVID-19 Safety Measures

This event will be rescheduled

Poisoned Pen Bookstore, Scottsdale, Arizona

May 2, 2020

El Mar Dive Center, Mesa, Arizona

May 13, 2020

Ironwood Elementary School, Casa Grande, Arizona

June 17, 2020

Desert Dolphins, Tucson, Arizona