Cortez Blue Photography - Photograph Pricing & Ordering Information

Photographs produced and marketed by Cortez Blue Photography are custom printed and mounted. An exceptional digital imaging lab does our printing. We proof every print at the lab before the printing process begins.

The majority of our photographs are printed on Poly-Flex. This is a very smooth, high gloss surface paper with a polyester base. The quality of Poly-Flex provides an amazing medium for underwater photographs. Occasionally, the quality of our photographs can be enhanced through the use of Metallic Endura paper. This paper has a semi-gloss surface with an metallic sheen. Both Poly-Flex and Metallic Endura provide outstanding quality with exceptional depth and clarity.

All of our photographs are mounted. Experience has taught us to trust our digital lab rather than frame shops with mounting. We prefer to salon mount photographs on 3 mil Sintra backing. This backing material is extremely smooth. Salon mounting provides a very stable base formatting and makes framing extremely easy.

As an alternative to matting and framing, some of our clients prefer use of a museum mounting process. This process involves mounting the photograph on 6 mil Sintra backing, the application of a film coating that protects the photograph, and a museum mounting system to attach the photograph to the wall. We like to use a thin metal or wood frame in order to ensure the durability and stability of the edges of the photograph on the mount. Museum mounting eliminates matting and glass from finished photograph.

Of course, other mounting options are available to our clients. Small photographs of nudibranchs or reef fish often look exceptionally good mounted and matted in groups of three. We also produce photographs in a ‘mixed media’ format that combines a photograph with fine grade, collector shells like abalone in a shadow box format.

Another option involves shadow boxing our photographs. This has been a popular option for clients who have purchased photographs in sizes 16” X 20” or smaller. It involves mounting the matted photograph in a shallow shadow box format. At this time, shadow boxed framed photographs are priced the same as regular matted and framed photographs.

Many photographers prefer to mat their photographs using simple white matting. This is a traditional approach that is based upon the idea that white matting does not distract from the photograph. We prefer to mat our photographs with glossy, textured black mats as we believe this type of matting enhances the beauty of underwater photographs. Of course, mat colors and textures are the preference of the client.

We strongly recommend that Museum Glass or Art Glass be used with our photographs and mixed media marine art. These types of glass provide very accurate color rendition, significantly reduce reflections and glare, and provide UV protection.

Of course, frames, mats, and glass are subject to the preferences of our clients. This said, we do make an effort to assist our clients with choices that will result in an amazing piece of photographic art.

Pricing varies based upon the size photographs and options our clients order. Here is an example of pricing for a direct purchase from us using the February Humpback image from our portfolio:

Option 1

February Humpback- 11 X 14 photograph mounted, matted and wood framed with museum glass. Price: $300.00

Option 2

February Humpback- 11 X 14 photograph mounted and matted without frame and glass. Price: $200.00

Option 3

February Humpback- 11 X 14 photograph mounted without matting, frame and glass. Price $150.00

If you are interested in purchasing a photograph, please do not hesitate to contact us via telephone (970-531-8817) or via e-mail (

*Prices increase for photographs marketed through a gallery that charges a percentage of the sale price as a commission. We simply increase the price by the commission percentage.