Dancing with Sea Lions

Adventures with California Sea Lions

Yes, this is the real deal! We have talked about this book since 2016 when we began initial work on the project. Without a doubt, some of our friends and family wondered if we were ever going to finish. The book is a reality and we honestly believe you are going to love it! Colleen and I do!

Our book, Dancing with Sea Lions, arrived in mid-February 2020. Business and organization shutdowns associated with the COVID-19 global pandemic derailed our marketing efforts; however, we are resuming these efforts as normalcy returns.

Dancing with Sea Lions is available for purchase. If you love the ocean and/or want to learn about one of our planet's most dynamic ecosystems, we encourage you to order a book. We believe you will be pleased with your purchase and will love having the book in your home.

While Dancing with Sea Lions features our work photographing California sea lions and telling the stories of the photographs, the book really focuses upon issues involving the conservation of sea lions and ocean ecosystems. The real purpose of the book is to educate its readers. We know that people protect what they love; we believe people are more likely to protect the ocean and its ecosystem if they learn more about it.

Writing the book was quite an amazing journey. The original plan for Dancing with Sea Lions was to put together a warm, fuzzy book filled with cute photographs of the California sea lions we encountered during scuba diving trips in Southern California and the Sea of Cortez. After all, who does not like sea lions?

It did not take long for the realization to sink in that everyone does not like sea lions and there are a lot of serious issues involving the species. Dancing with Sea Lions is more than a coffee table book filled with pretty pictures. Should you purchase the book, we believe you will want to share it with your family and friends.

If you are interested in purchasing Dancing with Sea Lions, please do not hesitate to let us know. You can click on the ordering link below or contact us through the following e-mail addresses and telephone numbers.

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-Philip Bonds